"Uncorrelated to stocks and bonds

Even though the price of gold has the strong tendency to rally in times of stock market corrections, it is, in fact, statistically uncorrelated to the performance of both stocks and bonds, which make gold an excellent asset class for portfolio diversification. [...]"
"Are "Home Storage" & "Self Storage" Gold IRAs Legitimate?  Bottom line: Opening a "home storage" precious metals IRA can be a lot more risky LEGALLY than gambling in a casino and a LOT less fun." - SmartGoldIRA.com

(From June 2013 Interview)

January 27th, 2016



"BREAKING NEWS: COMEX Registered Gold Inventories Plummet 73% In One Day"

 "Looks like something big is about to take place on the Comex as Registered Gold inventories declined a whopping 73% in one day."

January 10th, 2016



Historical Review of Gold and Silver, Their Bull Markets Continue


How goes the bull market in gold and silver?

Believe it or not they are still in a bull market [...]"


January 08th, 2016



China adds to gold reserves in December, buying streak to continue

"China added more gold to its reserves in December, bringing its total purchases in the second half of 2015 to more than 100 tonnes, with analysts predicting the country will continue purchasing at a similar pace this year."
7 Reasons Not to Buy GLD

"Given my scathing criticism of most (so-called) bullion-ETFs, I frequently get reader questions about the prospectus of one fund or another. I freely confess to not having read these documents. My (stated) reasons for not doing so are that I do not, and would not hold such investments, and that I have already provided enough reasons to doubt the legitimacy of these investment vehicles that such an analysis would be moot. However, at the persistent urging of one reader, I finally caved in and went through the prospectus of The Mother of all Bullion Scams: GLD."
Gold: The One Asset That Billionaire Investors Are Buying Now

"There's one investment that billionaires investors are making now, but that regular investors are not."
Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy Gold

"I now want to reiterate and refresh my three reasons for owning gold at today’s prices."
Forget whether $100 silver is possible, how about $1000?

REMEMBER:  You can have gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a "gold IRA."

"So, for those who are rather confident in their ability to survive on this planet for the next five years, you have a nice investment opportunity before you, as it is quite a high probability that silver will be appreciably higher by 2020 relative to where we now reside in 2015."

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