7 Reasons Not to Buy GLD

"Given my scathing criticism of most (so-called) bullion-ETFs, I frequently get reader questions about the prospectus of one fund or another. I freely confess to not having read these documents. My (stated) reasons for not doing so are that I do not, and would not hold such investments, and that I have already provided enough reasons to doubt the legitimacy of these investment vehicles that such an analysis would be moot. However, at the persistent urging of one reader, I finally caved in and went through the prospectus of The Mother of all Bullion Scams: GLD."
Gold: The One Asset That Billionaire Investors Are Buying Now

"There's one investment that billionaires investors are making now, but that regular investors are not."
Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy Gold

"I now want to reiterate and refresh my three reasons for owning gold at today’s prices."
Forget whether $100 silver is possible, how about $1000?

REMEMBER:  You can have gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a "gold IRA."

"So, for those who are rather confident in their ability to survive on this planet for the next five years, you have a nice investment opportunity before you, as it is quite a high probability that silver will be appreciably higher by 2020 relative to where we now reside in 2015."
Gilburt doubles down: Gold is going to $25,000

Mr. Gilburt is noted for his uncanny success in gold market projection.

"First, I would like to point out that Elliott Wave analysis is used to track market sentiment. We use it in conjunction with Fibonacci mathematics to identify turning points and targets with our analysis. Again, as I noted, that is how I came up with my topping target for gold in 2011, which was within six dollars of the actual high. It is also how I came up with my downside target and expectation that gold will likely be cut in half from the high I expected."
American Eagle Bullion Coins for Investors

United State Mint American Eagles are approved for gold and precious metal IRAs and are the #1 most recommended coin at GoldIRAInvesting.com.

"Congressionally authorized American Eagle Bullion Coins provide investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to add a small amount of physical platinum, gold, or silver to their investment portfolios. Since their launch in 1986, gold, platinum and silver American Eagles have become leading bullion coin investment products."

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