Law360:  "Are 'Home Storage' Precious Metal IRAs Legit?"

"The short answer is "no" - while not impossible, it is the rare investor who can meet the applicable IRS rules for creating such a structure (discussed below). And if you don't satisfy the IRS rules, transferring your assets to a "home storage" IRA is treated as a distribution, stripping your retirement investment of its tax-deferred status. This means you have to pay income taxes on the current value of your retirement assets as well as a penalty of 10 percent if you are under age 59 1/2. This could mean a tax bite of 35 percent or more of your retirement's value. [...]


If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. Opening a "home storage" precious metals IRA is a lot more risky and a lot less fun."
May 29, 2015)

BullionVault:  "Fed Rate Rise? Gold Price Goes Up Says History"

"Gold prices rose more often on Fed interest-rate hikes than on cuts last 30 years...


Judging from the financial news, consensus says next week's US Fed decision on interest rates has become D-Day for this year's strong gains in the gold price.  

But history says otherwise.  

Gold has since 1986 been more likely to rise if rates go up than if they stay the same, and by a greater percentage as well."  ( BullionVault )

Want to Keep Gold in Your IRA at Home? It’s Not Exactly Legal

"Advertisements this summer have claimed that people can invest their tax-free retirement accounts in gold and store it at home. But the IRS has issued a stern warning against the move."

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